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   Iran | 05/12/2017
Mashad Metro Line Chooses Biometrics to Strengthen Workers Discipline
Due to rising demands in the usage of public transports, the city of Mashhad aims to open a large network of metro stations to connect the southern, northern, eastern, and western parts of the city via Mashad Metro Line.
With the completion of the first phase of Line 2, Mashad Metro Line now proceeds to the second phase of the line, which will run southwest from Shohada to Tabarsi and will be 6.5 km with six stations as well as including an interchange with Line 1 at Shariati. Therefore, Mashad Metro Line requires a solution that could help boost its employee’s productivity further as the construction of the second phase of Line 2 is a gigantic task to partake. Since Mashad Metro Line had used FingerTec’s products before, they want to further expand its deployment with the help of Bartar Andhishan, FingerTec’s reseller in Iran. The company decided to proceed with 20 units of Face ID 4.
Face ID 4 is a powerful facial recognition terminal from FingerTec that provides solid identity verification through its contactless biometrics technology and recognizing faces in mere seconds for accurate attendance reporting. Loaded with Face Biobridge VX 8.0 and a high-resolution camera, enrollment through face detection is quicker and possible even under minimal light. Customized for function, the device comes prepared for time attendance usage and is ideal for companies in need of a reliable, contactless solution.

With the installation of biometrics attendance solution, Mashad Metro Line can expect a much-improved discipline and productivity that will greatly assist in their effort to complete phase two of Line 2 in time.

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