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Polda Metro Jaya Police Department Controls Access with FingerTec
Global News (Asia & Australasia)
Indonesia | 30/05/2019
Indonesia is a country of 268 million people, 34 provinces and more than 18,000 islands. In the capital city of Jakarta with more than 10 million people, Polda Metro Jaya has been known as the only regional police in Indonesia which has the A+ Status due to its position to maintain a huge area of security and order in the capital of Indonesia (Jakarta) containing multiple regions and cities that surround the capital. In order to better secure the access to its office building located in Jakarta Raya, Polda Metro Jaya is turning towards biometrics.

Biometrics technology has been the forefront access security technology over the last 10 years because it does not only offer accuracy but it spells convenience to its users and administrators. Users do not need to carry any token around to verify themselves because the reading of a fingerprint is able to verify in accurate details the identity of the authorized users. What’s more, a biometrics reader can now contain thousands of fingerprint templates per reader, more than enough to sustain a large traffic in and out of premises. With the many advantages it brings, Polda Metro Jaya agrees to install FingerTec fingerprint model R2 in the main building in Jakarta Raya, The consultation and installation have been carried out by FingerTec’s trusted reseller, PT Retailindo Tech of Jakarta.
Now, doors in the building will be equipped with FingerTec R2 as an access control device and all access activities data will be gathered in the centralized software, Ingress. With FingerTec R2 as a layer of access security, Polda Metro Jaya can rest assure that no unauthorized individuals are permitted into the building without supervision.

FingerTec R2 has been the bestseller of FingerTec model for door access control since 2010 and it is still going strong due to its robustness and accuracy beyond biometrics.

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