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   Australia | 05/10/2016
Polycell Popped the Bubble of Fraudulent Staff with Deployment of FingerTec Face ID 2
Polycell International Pty Ltd., headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland started its operation in Australia in 1992. The company is a part of a larger group Polycell global, one of the largest privately owned producers of Air Bubble foam in the world. Now Polycell is the nation’s number one choice for Air Bubble cushion and foam packaging materials. Having four branches around Australia and one office in New Zealand, Polycell was looking for a solution that can better manage their workforce nationwide. Before resorting to FingerTec solutions, Polycell were having problems with their staff’s attendance involving rampant buddy punching occurrences and data inaccuracies. These problems have affected the company’s productivity, causing inflated costs and reduce the morale of other prompt employees.

With professional assistance received from Bioaccsys, FingerTec’s esteemed reseller in Queensland, Polycell was introduced to Face ID 2, biometrics verification solution that does not only provide two options of biometrics which are face and fingerprint recognition system, but also other more conventional methods including card and password. Polycell targets to improve those two key areas in their Human Resource with the versatility of Face ID 2 and the implementation started earlier this year in February. The deployment of FingerTec biometrics helps to eradicate the possibility of one staff clocking in for another because the reporting staff must be present at the device to clock his identity. It is impossible for a colleague to clock for another staff with a fake identity and the same goes to fingerprint verification. After 8 months of using Face ID 2, Polycell has managed to solve the two workforce problems reported before effectively. FingerTec solution puts a stop to data inaccuracy because all data that goes through the machines is recorded for further analysis via the bundled software TCMS V2.

Polycell installed FingerTec biometrics solutions in the head office in Brisbane, and in its branches in major cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. For a company that emphasizes on supplying more ecofriendly products to the world, the application of FingerTec Face ID 2 system at Polycell definitely syncs with the company’s objective to care for the environment with less material footprint with biometric solutions.

BioAccSys has been supplying FingerTec products to Australia since 2006. Promising high security while providing their customers with effective solutions, BioAccSys earned trust of delivering good workforce management tools to its customers.

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