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Nigeria | 05/04/2018
Rapid Vigil Promotes FingerTec At Securex West Africa
From 20th to 21st March of 2018, Securex West Africa was held at Landmark Centre in Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria. Organised by Afrocet Montgomery, the event is the most established security exhibition in the African Continent, encompassing fire and rescue, commercial, homeland and cybersecurity. With over 80 exhibitors from all over world showcasing their latest products, Securex West Africa is definitely not an event to miss out on for security professionals.

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With this in mind, our Africa Reseller, Rapid Vigil Security Company Limited, decided to grab this opportunity to participate at the event and promote FingerTec sophisticated products (R3, Kadex series, AC100C, TA500 and many more) to the masses. To put it briefly, Rapid Vigil was very pleased for being able to showcase our biometric solutions as well as other security solutions in Securex West Africa and hopes that their presence in the event may help them reach a bigger market.

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