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Serbia Leading Video Game Company Deploys FingerTec
Global News (Europe)
Serbia | 05/05/2020
A Serbia video game development studio - Two Desperados, with a group of 26 game enthusiasts designated two popular listed No.1 marble shooter games named Woka Woka and Viola's Quest. Two of these games are famed across the world and prove to have conquered the heart of over 30 million players.

The team seeks not to neglect their philosophy in delivering the optimal interface experience in exchange for players' satisfaction, despite they are also intending to expand its workforce on quite a large scale. However, right before this goal can reach its success, the management agreed to incorporate a more businesslike system into running the operation in a more well-rounded manner. That is to principally assure the dynamic, fun and casual working environment can be retained in the long run and that employees feel protected and justified for their commitment into the job.

The MHT Group - FingerTec Serbia’s authorized reseller connected Two Desperados with the installation of FingerTec biometric terminals R3 as the Master Terminal & R2c as the Slave Terminal combined with Ingress software to develop systems for attendance control and access control.

With no prior experience in this type of software installed previously, some technical relevant issues had been encountered by Two Desperados. Thus, the problems were quickly resolved with the competent technical team services provided by FingerTec’s reseller.

Most importantly, this client of theirs has claimed to be satisfied with the outcome of the products and solution management they chose to have today.
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