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South Africa | 05/08/2020
Transand established in the year 1970 as a private company specialized in the service of building and construction material and plant hire. By showing genuine commitment in this field and serving all trades with outstanding performance, this well-known small company has now grown into one of the largest plant hire and building material suppliers in the Southern Cape with no less than 350 employees.

Figure much of the needs to transcend their old technology fingerprint scanning system at some of the worksites, Transand is keen to invest time into the searching for the best brand for their upgradation to the latest face recognition technology. Plus, seizing to match the health practice of Covid-19, Transand Group is also keen to bring in the temperature feature at their sites.

After shortlisting the many brands available out there in the South Africa market, Telkare was chosen. Telkare has been representing the world-class and well-famed FingerTec systems and software in South Africa. Building its profile with now over 800 loyal clients throughout the country, makes them stand out most amongst other service providers. Just about a month ago, Transand successfully installed its several sites with FingerTec systems and software.
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Via the successful connection with TimeTec AWDMS, Transand is able to form the network communication bridge between the device and attendance software hassle-free. What’s more is that FingerTec products and software have managed to overcome some of the real challenges which Transand Group has been dealing with.

  Difficulties in installing repeaters at sites with rough terrain and nearby mountain
  Challenge to ensure the formation of stable communication to the FingerTec software
Adding onto the many benefits which FingerTec service is able to bring about, the developed Temperature Feature is the reason why FingerTec has become the option.

  Accurate Measure Of Body Temperature With Green & Red Light Indicator
  Customisation Of Temperature Threshold To Ensure Health Safety Of ALL Employees
After the installation, Transand Group has been proud.

  Employees have been adapting quickly to the new working culture with the new face technology
  Employees are able to access to the software and monitor own performances from their own individual computers
Employees are impressed with the variety of features available
(e.g. live monitoring of attendance, roster, reports)
Thank you FingerTec

Thank you FingerTec’s reseller, the Telkare Team who has given full assistance in the installation process and continues to be at our disposal with training and support!
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