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UZMA Berhad Puts Their Guard Up with
FingerTec Face ID 5/TD
Global News (Asia & Australasia)
Malaysia | 05/02/2021
Uzma Berhad is a leading Oil and Gas Service & Equipment company in South East Asia, established since 2000. The Group operates in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and in Malaysia. The Group offers a spectrum of cost-effective integrated solutions that leverage innovation across the exploration, development and production value chain for the Oil & Gas industry.

Uzma Berhad in Malaysia is located at Uzma Tower, Damansara Perdana Selangor.

Responding to the instruction of the authority that companies maintain strict SOP when opening a business, Uzma turned to Genx, FingerTec seasoned reseller to procure the latest face recognition model for attendance, FingerTec Face ID 5/TD. The device scans an employee for three things to maintain safety and SOP compliance.

First, the device checks for identity verification, second is body temperature, and last is the proper face mask-wearing. When all the three elements check out, the staff is safe to enter into the premises. All data recorded from FingerTec Face ID5/TD is kept safely in Ingress as future reference.

FingerTec Face ID5/TD is a face recognition device embedded with a body temperature sensor using infrared technology. It reads body temperature and alerts the admin when the temperature of a user exceeds 37.5-degree celsius. The device also stores up to 6000 face templates, 6,000 fingerprint templates, 3,000 palm templates and up to 200,000 transaction logs storage, ample for a company like Uzma. It has ‘antispoofing technology’ that only reads live face and not photographs or videos.
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