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Software Update (
Release date: 4th November 2019
The latest software updates are available for download here but if you want the installer for the previous software version, please contact us at
New Features
Added User Scheduler for Upload or Delete User in later time in User Module
Enhanced software info in software footer
Added Database Cleaning which will remove unused logs after certain time
Enhanced Attendance Sheet Other Clocking Time selection by display device info for each transaction
Enabled system to perform checking Employee ID is unique in System Settings
Added Activity in System Settings Module
Added highlight (Red Border) for today in Roster, User Duty Planner and Holiday Listing
Added one more category "Undisclosed" in User Gender
Added "Clear All Attendance Photo" in Device and Batch Device Operation
Added "Other" selection in Add Device enabled add ZKTeco device into TCMSv3  (chargeable)
Revamp Search User in User Module
Enhanced Attendance Sheet by allowed right click on clocking time to Show Attendance
Added copy schedule time for other workday in Weekly Schedule & Flexi Schedule
Enhanced import transaction log from USB file by provide option to add new device into system
Added Group Duty Roster selection when Generate Attendance Records
Modified designation field to drop-down list and showed previous available designations
Added Total Working Hour option in Attendance Sheet report
Added grouping of report name in Report Schedule
Supported zip feature for MDB database
Added Time Zone in Company Info at System Settings
System will perform checking Email required unique in Users Module
Added PIN1 or PIN2 selection when Read User from USB which device type is Black & White
Added Select New User only when Download User from Device
Added search option in Remove User from Device
Added Total Work in Detailed Employee Time Card Report
Bug Fixes
Fixed no data exported when export details attendance with certain field in Attendance Sheet
Fixed incorrect Total Leave Hour when exporting Attendance Sheet Summary for HH.HH format in Export Summary
Fixed unable to recognized apostrophe (‘) symbol under Department column when import user from file
Fixed for Report Scheduler
Fixed Report Device User Listing progress bar stuck at 90 percent if no report is generated
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