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This Glossary provides definitions for terms that have a specialized meaning in the FingerTec website. The Glossary is to facilitate the basic understanding of FingerTec products and services. We have linked words in the Glossary to Wikipedia or other encyclopedia websites to maintain its authenticity, unless the words couldn't be found in the mentioned websites. If a link is no longer valid, kindly inform us by clicking on "Report".
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A Details explanations or relevant website information
ABS Report
Access Control System Report
Algorithm Report
Android Report
Android Market/Google Play Report
Anti-passback Anti-Passback prevents users from 'tailgating' through controlled areas by tracking the entry and exit counts. A user can only exit an area that they have already entered and can only enter an area that they previously exited. If a user tailgates onto a site, the exit keypad will deny exit to them because they are not logged into the area. If a user is onsite and tailgates off of the site, they will be denied exit next time they try to enter. Anti-Passback is a function that should only be used on High Security sites where users can be trained on its use.  
AWS Report
Backup Power Report
Baud Rate Report

Biometrics Report
Blog Report
BLE Report
Broadband Report
Buddy Punching Buddy punching is a term used to describe when an employee gets someone (a buddy) to punch their timecard in for them instead of doing it themselves. The reason for doing it is that the employee might be late, leaving early, taking a long break or not showing up at all but still wants to get paid for the work time even though they are not working. The company loses out on minutes, hours or even days of work.  
Center Point (fingerprint) Report

Chrome Report
Cloud Computing Report
CloudTrack Report
Csv Report
DLST Report
CMMI Report
Door Event Software to show the status of door on a list, to alert administrator for any activities happen at the door such as normal door open-close, door ajar, door open time out etc.  
Drop bolt/Dead bolt Report
Duress Report
E Details explanations or relevant website information
Electric Strike Report
EM Lock                   Report
Encryption Report
Ethernet Report
2-Factor Authentication

Face Recognition Report
Fail-Safe Report
False log Records to show failed verification happens at the terminal.  
(False Acceptance Rate) Report
FCC, FingerTec Cloud Center

FCC is a web platform for FingerTec customers to store all FingerTec terminals’ information and data securely on a cloud server. The platform enables customers to consolidate all their data to cloud server for viewing, managing and backing up of data purposes. 

FCC, Federation Communications Commission Report
Fingerprint Report
FingerTec Data Processor (FTDP) Report
Fingerprint Recognition Report
Firefox Report
Firmware Report
FP Key Secret password for FingerTec terminals to read and write data with Mifare card.  
FRR (False Rejection Rate) Report
Google Play/Android Market Report
GPRS Report
GPS Report
HID Card HID cards are simply proximity cards branded by the HID global corporation, a worldwide leader in proximity cards and access control. Like other proximity and RFID cards, an HID card is simply an ID card, which enables proximity technology in its everyday functions. HID cards, as well as other types of RFID cards and smart cards, are popular for access control, as well as other functions like public transportation and employee ID.  
Human Resources (HR) Report
I Details explanations or relevant website information  
IIS Report
Internet Explorer Report
iOS Report
Interlocking Report
IP65 rating Report
IP address Report
ISO 27001 Report
LAN Report
Latch Report
MIFARE card Report
Minutiae Point Report
MNC Report
Mobile Application Development Report
MYOB Report
MsSQL Server Report
MySQL Report
.Net Report
Network sharing Report
NFC Near Field Communication Report
Normally Open/Close Report
ODBC Report
Penetration Test Report
PDF Report
Port Forwarding Report
Power over Ethernet or PoE Report
Prism Report
Push Technology Report
Receipt Printer Report
RFID card Report
RoHS, Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive Report
ROI, Return on Investment Report
RS232 Report
RS485 Report
rtf Report
S Details explanations or relevant website information
Safari Report
Schedule Bell Time set into device, to ring bell to alert users to change shift or clocking status.  
Smart Card               Report
SME Report
Software as a Service (SaaS) Report
Software Development Kit (SDK) Report
T9 Input Report
Tardiness Report
TCP/IP Report
TCMS V2 Report
TeamViewer Report
Time & Attendance Report
TimeTec Web Report
Transaction log Report
UI Style Report
USB Host Report
Visual Fox Pro Report
VMS, Visitor Management System

WAN Report
Web Application Report
Webserver Report
Webster Report
Wifi Report
Wiegand Report
Workforce Management Report