Sustainability | FingerTec
Innovation with Earth in Mind
Our Efforts in Making a Difference
Paperless Online Payment Process
Embrace a heartfelt commitment to reducing paper waste for every payment made
Online Resources Plan
Transition to an online platform that resonates with our passion for sustainability
TeamViewer for Support
Feel the warmth of eco-conscious support, where efficiency meets environmental responsibility
Embrace TimeTec Cloud Solutions
Your Choice to Make a Difference
No Shipping Required
Sparking a sense of pride among your employees as every digitization contributes to a closer carbon-neutral world by eliminating the need for shipping
No Biometric Device Required
This approach signifies a commitment to environmental responsibility, where each employee's personal device becomes a tool for time and attendance
Energy Efficiency
A shared commitment to reduce energy consumption, fostering a thriving earth for us and the generations yet to come

Join the Digitization for a Greener Earth