Ingress | FingerTec

The Perfect System for Advanced Access Control
Perfect Match with FingerTec Device
Prevent budding punching and anti-spoofing with Fingerprint/Facial Recognition
High reliability and low false acceptance rate
Connect up to 99 FingerTec devices at the same time
Multiple data transfer channels: TCP/IP, Dynamic DNS, RS232/485, 3G or USB Flash Disk
Real-Time, Real Time
Immediate synchronisation of data to the device after changes are made in Ingress
Time synchronisation date and time of all terminals automatically or manually
Sets a specific time to download data from FingerTec Time Attendance terminals automatically
Set a specific time to back up the database of the software
Easy Setup and Intuitive UI
Quick setup wizard to facilitate simple configuration during initial start- up
Allows easy addition of large quantities of users by Batch Create Users feature
Provides configuration templates to reduce the time required to configure the system
Different user interface themes are available and simple to understand organisation with a “tree structure” design
Efficient Management of Users
Supports 10 levels of departments
Track users' card management records and history
Detailed permissions and user rights for the access, display and control of subsystems
Integration with OFIS-Z for fingerprint registration station
Integrated & Real-Time Monitoring
Up to 9 intuitive graphical maps are completely customisable for real-time monitoring
Remote control access and alarm activities directly from the monitoring station
Multiple workstation monitoring capabilities
Real-time alarm or event logs to ensure all events are completely documented for the entire system
Powerful Access Control Settings
Multi-card operation
Fire alarm linkage
Multiple verification setting
Door-always-open schedule
Event Priority & Alerts
Organise alarm alerts and set alarm priorities to optimise response time
Configure event priorities from a total of 62 event types
Offline door events, alarm events & terminal connection events
Automatically sends email and notifications to defined recipients when an event is detected in the system
Customisable sound alerts for every priority
Push notifications are available for iOS and Android device users
Easy Time Scheduling
Provides up to 3-time zone settings per day
Allows time-based access permission to be defined per weekday
Provides holiday configuration & holiday time zone settings
Time Attendance
Weekly schedules available with 3 pairs of IN/OUT columns for attendance monitoring
Supports group or personal duty roster setup
Supports leave and holiday management
Generate attendance sheets, and instantly add, edit or delete attendance records
Terminal data audit list enables raw data checking and export
Timer feature for automatic download of data after a specified interval
Support up to 9 digits of work codes
Integrated with 20+ payroll.
Integrated with IPC Video Surveillance Software
Integrated with Milestone's Xprotect series and EpiCamera's cloud storage solutions
Users can quickly track, or playback captured video clips or pictures of the door event
Supports live feed directly from the IP Camera
The Play Video Window supports frame selection, variable speed, pause and export to AVI and JPG files
System Diagram
Additional Security for Attendance System
Screen-lock function; automatic logout after the timeout period
Supports customised digital watermark imprint for document uniqueness
Provides detailed history records and audit trail functions for tracking past configuration changes
Optional fingerprint login for system administrators
Easy Access & Advanced Reporting
33 Pre-configured reports
Comprehensive event filtering
Support exporting reports in up to 10 formats: xls, txt, PDF, csv,  etc.
Multilingual Support
• English
• Arabic
• Bulgarian
• Chinese Traditional
• Chinese Simplified
• German
• Hindi
• Indonesian
• Kurdish
• Malay
• Portuguese
• Russian
• Spanish
• Thai
• Vietnamese
Supported Devices

Face ID 5/ FTD

Face ID 5

Face ID 2

Face ID X

Face ID 4d






Ingress Microsoft Access

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Ingress Server
To install into a server
Ingress Client
To install into client PC for individual users
   Microsoft Access database MySQL database
  Installation Easy Database file created by Windows OS automatically Moderate IT expert is required to install the database
  Server Installation Yes Yes
  Client Installation No Yes
  Extension .mdb .sql
  Storage Limit 2GB 2GB
  Housekeeping Yes Yes
  3rd party tool to manage Optional Microsoft Jet
Database Engine
  Capability for server-client operation No Yes
  Suitable Company without IT personnel/ department Company with multiple system running on MySQL
Ingress Microsoft Access v4.2.1.4

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Ingress (MYSQL) v4.2.2.1
Note: Ingress version installed in the Client PC must be the same as the one installed in the Server PC.

Steps To Setup Ingress Server And Ingress Client

Troubleshooting Ingress Server-Client Connection
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