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FingerTec Goes to Law School!
If you happen to be studying in the National School of Judiciary in the Dominican Republic, then the fact that access to the school is controlled by FingerTec devices will come as no surprise to you. From October 2010 onwards, all students and staff of the school have to verify their fingerprint at one of the 18 units of FingerTec R2 installed in the school by one of our partners, E. Threan & Cia.
FingerTec Now in Polish School
The Jerzy Ziętek Schools Group in Poland now employs FingerTec readers, R2 & R2i to be exact, as their access control system for the school. The Director of the school wished to improve the safety of the students, while monitoring the movement and attendance of all their 850 pupils.
Lithuanian School System by SS Solutions
With the rise in crime rate around the world, it is vital that parents are able to monitor their children even through the hectic schedule of their daily working lives. SS Solutions, FingerTec’s reseller in Lithuania, takes this notion to heart with their innovation of a system called the Saugi Mokykla (SOMA) which is Lithuanian for Safe School system.
FingerTec Goes Back to School at the Learnium International School
FingerTec products has catered to many industries, giving them the security needed and the management tools desired. This time around we are highlighting on an installation of FingerTec systems at an international school in Sri Lanka.
The FingerTec Words Spreads Among UAE Schools
The word about FingerTec’s time attendance system is spreading like wildfire here, among the education industry. It started with the Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) school in Dubai installing a couple of FingerTec TA200 Plus readers to keep track of their staff’s attendance.
Moving Forward with FingerTec at Al Salam Private School
Al Salam Private School was established in the education sector with the main aim of advancing the quality of education through various methods, such as the traditional concept of education in classrooms and e-learning, to suit the requirements of current times.
Indonesia Installs FingerTec in OMNI Hospital Medical Centers
FingerTec has recently been gaining popularity in the healthcare industry, being installed in an Autism Centre in Kuwait, a Hospital in Pakistan, and now in the OMNI Hospital Medical Centers located in East Jakarta and Tangerang, Indonesia.
Applewood Installs Kadex in Shifa International Hospital
FingerTec’s partner in Pakistan, Applewood has successfully installed FingerTec card access control and time attendance system for the Shifa International Hospital.
Damai Service Hospital Equipped with FingerTec’s TA102C
Damai Service Hospital, a premier Malaysian hospital group, are dedicated healthcare providers dispensing exceptional services for every member of the family through every phase of life- from infancy to geriatrics.
Royale Hayat Hospital equipped with TA200 Plus and H2i
In Kuwait the Royale Hayat Hospital adapts the artistic and also human approach in search of therapeutic features in terms of a hospital design. With the looks atypical to that of a hospital, Royale Hayat Hospital has equipped itself with over 600 employees to provide patients the luxury and attentiveness that the hospital’s motto promises.
Bagricola Saying ‘Hola’ to FingerTec
Banco Agricolas De La Republica Dominicana (Bagricola) is one of the premier banking institutions in the Dominican Republic itself, being the second bank established in the country. Being in operation since 1945, Bagricola secures the financing of productive activities in the agricultural sector to ensure increased productivity, meet the food demand of the population, as well as modernize production and other export items that support the development of the Dominican Republic’s national agribusiness.
Central Bank of Iraq Affixed with FingerTec
First it was the Central Post Office, and now the Central Bank of Iraq; Ain Al-Zulal, our esteemed FingerTec distributor in Iraq, always manages to seize the right opportunities for implementing FingerTec’s time attendance and access control solutions. The Central Bank of Iraq was established as Iraq's independent central bank in the year of 2004. With the primary objective of the bank being to ensure the domestic price stability and foster a competitive market-based financial system in the country, the bank was, at the time, looking out for the best way to automate the staff attendance information while having to spend only little time and effort in compiling reports at the end of the month.
Euro Jordan Promotes FingerTec To The Banking Sector
Euro Jordan Trading Company first started promoting FingerTec products to the banking sector and has successfully established good partnerships with three satisfied clients. Their first client, Union Bank, is using three machines for time attendance system in one of their branches. Euro Jordan has also installed TA100 in ten branches of Jordan Investment & Finance Bank. Meanwhile, their third client, Citi Bank, is using two machines for time attendance in two branches.
Warka Bank Endorses FingerTec as Their Official Time Attendance System
Warka Bank for Investment and Finance is one of the largest financial institutions in Iraq with a network of 130 branches and 350 ATM's located all over Iraq with strong and growing banking services. The bank was established in 1999 and now it is considered by the central bank of Iraq and the other financial organizations as the first private bank in Iraq.
Building a Better System at El-Khayyat Group with FingerTec
El-Khayyat Group is a large and diversified group of companies based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that specializes in building materials, such as red bricks, gypsum powder and board and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) straps. With their main headquarters stationed in Jeddah and over 400 sales centers and distribution depots spread across the kingdom, El-Khayyat Group has used its over 35 years of experience by building a strong network to cover the demand of the market.
FingerTec Helps Plastic Manufacturer Update its Time Attendance Solution
YPC (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (YPC) is a manufacturing company with three branches situated in the country. With an estimated 900 staff nationwide focusing on providing integrated and innovative plastic solutions to the world’s leading companies, the company has progressed far since their incorporation in September 1998.
Onward Paper Mill Marches Onward to an Effective Solution from FingerTec
Onward Paper Mill Plc. (OPM) is a leading name in the paper/print product manufacturing sector. Based in Nigeria and established since 1972, the company is known for the introduction of latest technologies and innovations in their field and has thus enabled its customers to keep up with the pace of the evolving world.
Tamer Group On Top with FingerTec’s Help
Tamer Group is a leading healthcare, beauty care, prestige products and fast-moving consumer goods company that responds to the growing needs of the Saudi and Middle East communities. Based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the company cites import, distribution, promotion, marketing and manufacturing as its core activities. Tamer Group has currently established a special position in the Saudi marketplace which resulted from a unique approach to business, service and customer portfolio.
Kadex Series Wins Over Western Digital
Western Digital (M) Sdn Bhd (WD) is one of the largest computer hard disk drive manufacturers in the world with thousands of employees operating in a factory-like environment. The company required a solution with a large user templates capacity as well as high speed and stable performances for the workplace, employees as well as production. Nexus Professional Sdn Bhd (Nexpro), FingerTec’s reseller in Malaysia, took on this challenge with the innovation of the system (NEXTAS) for WD time attendance system.
FingerTec Solves Access Control Issues at the Kangar Municipal Council
The Kangar Municipal Council (MPK) located in the state of Perlis was established during the 1980s and it has portrayed Perlis as a developed and modern state. The council’s vision is to achieve Kangar Peaceful Town Status by 2015 and its missions include increasing the infrastructure and public facilities for the convenience of the trading residents, preparing public transportation including other related infrastructure, develop the Human Capital of the employees and the municipal company and establish a town and residential area environment which is conducive for residence.
FingerTec brings New Life to Maldives Ministry of Environment and Energy
The Ministry of Environment and Energy of the Republic of Maldives has been established by its President under the powers granted to him by the Constitution of the Republic of Maldives. Some of the points listed in the ministry’s mandate include formulating policies related to environment, energy, water and meteorology and formulating regulations and standards needed for the implementation of legislation, as well as protecting the environment of the Maldives and planning the sustainable development and implementation of all aspects of energy, water and sanitation and meteorology.
FingerTec Provides Access Control for the Embassy of Switzerland in Haiti
The Embassy of Switzerland in Haiti under the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has been mobilized in the country for many years. The bilateral development cooperation has been supporting two projects, the first in the field of drinking water and sanitation and the second in the field of forest conservation. Ever since the devastating earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince in 2010 and the outbreak of Cholera that same year, Haiti has become the largest recipient of humanitarian aid from the SDC.
The Diyala Ministry Gives Their Highest Recommendations to FingerTec i-Kiosk 100 Plus
Even in the midst of the turmoil and civil unrest that plagues the Diyala region of eastern Iraq, life still goes on for the 1.4 million residents who call it home. With the recent upsurge of attacks, assaults and violence on the Diyala Ministry and the residents of Diyala, the Diyala Governorate and State Police have been working tirelessly to tighten their security measures and to protect, prevent and resolve further conflicts in order to preserve the fragile peace of the region.
  Real Estate
Major Vehicle Dealer Installs FingerTec Card System
Since 2008, Bioequipamientos, FingerTec's partner in Peru, has been working hard to put FingerTec on the map. As an integrator and distributor of the leading brands in the development of the biometric equipment to control door access and time attendance, it has become Bioequipamientos' priority to make sure their clients can save money, reduce absenteeism, encourage punctuality and increase security with FingerTec machine installation.
PHD Egypt Integrates FingerTec TA200 Plus with Payroll System for Better Staff Management
Recently, eight FingerTec TA200 Plus terminals have been installed in Palm Hills Developments’ (PHD) head office located in the Smart Village in Cairo, Egypt. The main purpose of this installation is to integrate the attendance data from the FingerTec system to the payroll system of choice for better staff management.
TimeTec TA Solves Attendance Woes for PGFCI of Saudi
Pioneer Generation for Commercial Investment (PGFCI) is a multi faceted umbrella company with a strong focus on the importation and exportation of retail and wholesale medical, scientific, and surgical equipment. Other divisions of note include property management, building maintenance, real estate buy/sell, land development, import/export of computers and communication devices, and fully managed import/export & marketing for major local brands.
South American Shipping Country Sealed with FingerTec
Naviera Transoceánica S.A.C. is one of the most important shipping companies in Peru and in South America, with a large fleet of merchant ships. It is Peru's leading shipping company with a tradition of over 50 years in the service of domestic shipping.
FingerTec Installed in Logistics Company
Konsortium Logistics Berhad was incorporated 25 years ago as a container haulage company with a modest fleet of 15 prime movers and 60 trailers serving only the northern states of Peninsula Malaysia. Recognizing the growing demand for logistics services in the region, KLB then expanded its operations to serve the Port Klang region, and now is one of the leading integrated logistics service providers offering a complete range of solutions in automotive, government, industrial manufacturing, and so on.
FingerTec Gives Ferrari Logistic’s Time Attendance a New Lease of Life
Founded in 1959 as a customs broker and forwarding company in Italy, Ferrari Logistics is today an international establishment providing one-stop solutions for the logistics management of precious and luxury goods.
FingerTec Provides Services for Server Room in Ghana Airports Company Limited
As Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL) moves towards its vision of becoming the preferred global gateway and a leader in airport business, they aim to provide world-class airport facilities and services to meet the needs of their valued customers and the expectations of stakeholders. In order to uphold this mission, the company has decided to implement a more comprehensive access control system to keep up with the latest practices and innovations in security.
Securing Time Attendance through FingerTec at the Ministry of Defence & Aviation
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Defence & Aviation was established on 8th December 1986. Commanded under the Directorate of King Khalid Military City for Operations & Maintenance, the ministry is tasked with maintaining military installations and the optimal use of available resources.
Jubail’s Ministry of Defence Adopts FingerTec TA200 Plus for Attendance Monitoring
The town of Al-Jubail, located at the Eastern province on the Gulf Arabian coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is home to the newest and largest industrial city and civil engineering project also aptly named Jubail Industrial City.