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Fingerprint Technology White Paper  
Fingerprint matching is a widely used biometric technology because of its ease of use, non-intrusiveness and reliability. The article starts by discussing two main algorithm families commonly used to recognize fingerprints: minutia-based and pattern-based matching. These two methods evaluate fingerprint images in different ways; both methods’ advantages and disadvantages are compared to each other. FingerTec’s continued research and development work in fingerprint matching has led to a more reliable and efficient biometric technology, the FingerTec solution. Thus, the article will also explain the method applied in FingerTec solutions, minutia-based matching, as well as documenting the overall algorithm performance.
Face Recognition
Face Recognition Technology White Paper  
Face recognition is an increasingly important biometric authentication technology because of its aptness in various applications (notably law enforcement and security systems), its tokenless, contactless nature and the maturity of the digital camera technology with competitive prices. The article begins by discussing two main face recognition algorithms; principal component analysis (PCA) in 2D face recognition, and the four modules used in 3d face recognition. A comparison is then made before the article continues by explaining the FingerTec face recognition algorithm technology that combines both 2D and 3D techniques. The algorithm performance is then analyzed at the end of the article.
Face Recognition
FingerTec Face ID Face Recognition, Technical Overview
This Powerpoint presents the various challenges in face recognition technology and explains how FingerTec face technology recognition tackles these challenges with its architecture, algorithm, test and analysis. FingerTec Face Recognition products have been distributed all over the world and being used by tens of thousands of customers worldwide.
Schematic Diagram
Schematic Diagram of FingerTec  
The FingerTec solution encompasses time attendance and access control functionalities via biometric and card technology. The schematic diagram explains the main processes of FingerTec hardware. The data is captured and sent to the core board via its microprocessor. The hardware’s SD RAM saves and verifies this data before sending its results to the main control unit (MCU). The results are then used to output commands to the hardware. The device connects to computer via TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, WiFi, GPRS or USB flash disk. Users can setup unique attendance calculation rules or handle access control by using FingerTec TCMS V2 or Ingress software. Software expertise can use BioBridge SDK or Webster SDK to develop their own PC-based or Web-based solution.
TimeTec Cloud
TimeTec Cloud Technology White Paper  
TimeTec Cloud is a powerful web-based solution for automated time attendance in various kinds of businesses. FingerTec leverages on Amazon Web Services’ cloud services to create a multi-tenant version of the TimeTec system to reduce operational cost and effectively utilize the infrastructure. The article begins by discussing the system study and the two architecture setups involved, from device to cloud and at the Web frontend. Cloud Engineering is then explained to give a broad view of the flow of the application data. The article then concludes by listing the approximate scope of work involved in TimeTec Cloud’s infrastructure design.
Cloud Security
TimeTec Cloud Security - Facing Security Challenges Head-On  
As predicted earlier by industry analysts, Cloud Computing has been growing at a rapid pace whereby its enhancements and improvements have made the technology mature enough to be implemented. As such, FingerTec’s TimeTec Cloud is our way of progressing into the future. However, there are still concerns such as data breach, data loss, and unsecure APIs, that need to be addressed before adopting it. TimeTec Cloud has already implemented strategies that will curb or solve these concerns, in which some of them are explained in the article, making it a perfect Cloud Computing solution for workforce management.
TimeTec Architecture
TimeTec Cloud Technology Architecture  
TimeTec Cloud major components consist of the Application, Application Frameworks, Microservices, Integration, Google Cloud Services, Infrastructure, AWS services and DevOps Process. That said, most of the components are integrated closely to achieve high performance and efficiency.
TimeTec IoT Architecture
TimeTec IoT Architecture  
Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical devices which can sense, accumulate and transfer data over the internet without any human intervention. TimeTec IOT is focus in 3 areas which is Security, Automation and Access.
Time & Attendance
Hotel Management
Managing Hotel Employees Effectively
Human resources are a crucial part of managing the hotel industry. As such, the article begins by listing a few of the issues in the hotel industry, mainly the need to adopt an automated, foolproof attendance system that streamlines the process in one centralized server. Biometrics is then explained as an effective solution to curb time theft by eliminating buddy punching, as well as to reduce overall staff absenteeism, turnover and tardiness. Conclusively, FingerTec’s TCMS V2 is then used to exemplify how automated attendance systems can increase payroll calculation efficiency by automating processes and standardizing reports while centrally managing employee data from headquarters.
Industrial Applications
Golden Tulip Flamenco Hotel Egypt Deals with Workforce Expansion with FingerTec’s AC100C
Sheraton Hotel, Jeddah Chooses FingerTec’s Attendance System
A Five-Star Solution from FingerTec for the Five-Star Sutera Harbour Resort
Tuan Chau Island Holiday Villa Halong Bay Implemented FingerTec Time Attendance System as a Cost-Saving Measure
Redang Island Resort Breezes through Employee Attendance with FingerTec’s TA100
Holiday Inn & Suites, USA
Le Meridien in Lagos, Nigeria
Kirimara Springs Hotel, Kenya
View from Kempinski Hotel, Jordan
Jack for All Trades: FingerTec for Hotel Management, Malaysia
FingerTec For Hotel Locking Systems
Healthcare Industry
Reduce the Intricacies of Nurse Scheduling Management in Healthcare Industry with Biometric Implementation
Healthcare is a very delicate industry, as the management of its nurses can have a direct correlation with the quality of care given to hospital patrons. The article thus discusses the issues found with nurses scheduling, mainly the five main considerations behind its planning and how different schedules can fulfill different areas of consideration. TCMS V2 addresses these issues by increasing human resource efficiency, minimizing human bias factor and providing a cost-effective solution to healthcare organizations. This is possible as TCMS V2 completely automates most of the tasks previously involved in managing nurses’ schedules and attendance.
Industrial Applications
Prince Sultan Military Hospital Handles Massive Workforce with FingerTec
Damai Service Hospital Equipped with FingerTec’s TA102C
Healthcare Chain, UAE
Medical Facilities, Malaysia
Medical Centre, Malaysia
Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar
Higher Education
Highlighting The Importance of TIME ATTENDANCE SYSTEM in the Higher Education Industry for Students
Education plays a major role in our lives and when it comes to higher learning institutes, such as colleges and universities, it is very important to attend each and every class for students to be able to not only learn the entire syllabus, but in the case for most higher learning institutes, the more classes you attend, the higher the chance of being able to sit for your final exams, which in turn determines your final grade for graduation. Absenteeism in the higher education industry is not a new issue, it’s been practised by students for years yet the lax attitude of authority in handling abseentism could lead to disastrous impacts on the students themselves, their families and the image of the school in general.
Industrial Applications
Olam International Cameroon Goes Fully Biometrics with FingerTec AC100C
Politeknik Ibrahim Sultan (PIS) Multiplies Value with TA100C and its Biometric Mediums
Learnium International School
The College of Fine Arts Chooses FingerTec’s Flexibility for its Time Attendance
PC Mart Taking FingerTec to Every Corner of Malaysia
FingerTec Wireless Biometrics Attendance Greets Staff of International School of Kuantan
Managing Students and Staff's Access and Attendance with FingerTec Kadex Series at Excelsior International School
International Indian School in Al-Jubail Deploys TA100CR to Monitor Time Attendance Among School Staff
FingerTec Now in Polish School
Modern American School, Jordan
Palestine’s Ministry of Education
Jordan Schools and Factories
FingerTec word spreads among UAE schools
Najran University Enrolls with FingerTec
Restaurant Management
Staff Management in Restaurants - Issues in Tracking, Scheduling and Other Aspects
In the country, the industry’s job growth outpaced the nation’s overall economy in 13 consecutive years from 2000 to 2012, proving its ability to sustain itself even during periods of economic recession. The restaurant industry is projected to employ 13.1 million people (roughly 10% of the U.S. available workforce) in 2013 and market trends predict that it will continue to rise by 9% over the next decade. The previous statistics are also indicative of global trends in the food & beverage industry, particularly ‘full-service’ (conventional) and ‘quick-service’ (fast-food) restaurants, and managing the large number of employees involved often implicates the same, universal issues that plague other industries.
Industrial Applications
Subway Chain in Saudi Gets FingerTec Facial Scan
Zalatimo Sweets Regulates its Workforce’s Time with FingerTec’s Biometrics TA100C
RT Pastry House Clocks Attendance with TA100C
Armenian Pandok Yerevan Streamlines Attendance with FingerTec TA500
FingerTec Installed in Fast Food Restaurant Chain in Saudi Arabia
Dave's Deli's Choice for Attendance is FingerTec TA100
Fu Chan F&B Group Finds FingerTec Face Biometrics System More Than Satisfactory
FingerTec Installed in Major Poultry Distributor
FingerTec Explores the Fast Food Industry with KFC Installation
Dragon-i Restaurants Installed TimeLine 100 for Attendance
Nook Caffe Restaurant, Australia
Bank and Café System Implemented, Angola
PappaRich, Malaysia
McDonald, Jordan
FMCG, Algeria
Fast Food Chain Restaurant
Biometric Implementations to monitor Time Attendance in the Manufacturing Sector
In the country, the industry’s job growth outpaced the nation’s overall economy in 13 consecutive years from 2000 to 2012, proving its ability to sustain itself even during periods of economic recession. The restaurant industry is projected to employ 13.1 million people (roughly 10% of the U.S. available workforce) in 2013 and market trends predict that it will continue to rise by 9% over the next decade. The previous statistics are also indicative of global trends in the food & beverage industry, particularly ‘full-service’ (conventional) and ‘quick-service’ (fast-food) restaurants, and managing the large number of employees involved often implicates the same, universal issues that plague other industries.
Industrial Applications
LTech InforSolutions installs FingerTec for Attendance in Food Factory
Mohinani Group Deploys FingerTec Attendance for Effective Workforce Management
FingerTec Arabic System is Key for Jubail Municipality
Ciment de Mauritanie Manages Expanding Workforce Better with FingerTec TA100CR
Polycell Popped the Bubble of Fraudulent Staff with Deployment of FingerTec Face ID 2
FingerTec TA200 Plus and TimeTec TA Combo Manage Al Amar Foods Co LLC’s Workforce Efficiently
FingerTec TA500 is a Wholesome Solution to Amul Dairy Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union
UAC Berhad (UAC) Strengthens its Workforce Management with FingerTec TA100RC’s Deployment
TELE-PAPER (M) Sdn. Bhd. Eliminates Fraudulent Attendance Behaviour with FingerTec Biometric Products
Walk About Kilang Kasut Sdn. Bhd. Taking a Step Forward with FingerTec
Wiping Away Time Attendance Woes at Epesok Paper Mill Limited with Fingertec
FMCG, Algeria
Advansys Technology Makes a Positive Advancement in Electronics Factory
Onward Paper Mill, Nigeria
Tamer Group On Top with FingerTec’s Help, Saudi Arabia
FingerTec Helps Plastic Manufacturer Update, Malaysia
Kadex Series Wins Over Western Digital, Malaysia
Saimuth Technologies Inc., Canada
A Look at Access Control in the Higher Education Industry
School shooting is not a new occurrence and unfortunately, higher education institutes are not the only ones that have been targeted in such tragedies. Over the years, various schools and kindergartens worldwide have also fallen prey to this crime with innocent students and faculty becoming undeserving casualties. However, school shooting is not the only form of crime that exists on campus. Cases of robberies, theft, rape and many more have occurred frequently, making studying on campus a hazardous experience. This article address some of the concerns surrounding the issue of student safety in the higher education industry and how FingerTec’s access control devices and software can reduce such cases from reoccurring to ensure the safety of students and faculty alike.
Industrial Applications
FingerTec Goes to Law School!
FingerTec Now in Polish School, Poland
Managing Students and Staff’s Attendance with FingerTec Kadex Series at Excelsior International School
Lithuanian School System by SS Solutions
Learnium International School
The FingerTec Word Spreads Among UAE
Moving Forward with FingerTec at Al Salam Private School
Healthcare Industry
Safeguarding the Privacy of Patients’ Data in the Healthcare Industry through Access Control
Prior to the introduction of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), there never existed a set of security standards or general requirements for protecting health information in the healthcare industry. At the same time, new technologies were steadily evolving and the healthcare industry have started to move away from paper processes by relying more on the use of computers to pay claims, answer eligibility questions, provide health information and conduct a host of other administrative and clinically based functions. For example, in order to provide more efficient access to critical health information, covered entities are using web-based applications and other “portals” that give physicians, nurses, medical staff as well as administrative employees more access to electronic health information.
Industrial Applications
Indonesia Installs FingerTec in OMNI Hospital Medical Centers
Applewood Installs Kadex in Shifa International Hospital
Perlis Health Department Increases Security with Ingressus
Damai Service Hospital Equipped with FingerTec’s TA102C
Royale Hayat Hospital Equipped with TA200 Plus and H2i
Access Control in Banking: Improving Security with Biometrics
The industry’s growth over the time period is a strong indicator that banking in the nation has bounced back favorably from the recent economic crisis a few years ago. Moving away from the economic climate concerns, most physical retail banks are now facing issues with access control brought on by technological advancement, both in terms of satisfying customer expectations by providing high-tech solutions and ambience, as well as securely safeguarding their assets and premises. This article addresses these two main concerns of the banking industry when dealing with their customers and employees, in addition to taking a look at how FingerTec solutions, particularly biometric devices, can help solve these issues.
Industrial Applications
Bagricola Saying ‘Hola’ to FingerTec
Central Bank of Iraq Affixed with FingerTec
Euro Jordan Promotes FingerTec To The Banking Sector
Warka Bank Endorses FingerTec as Their Official Time Attendance System